Existing Patients

Patients are encouraged to book their next Exam appointment at the end of each course of treatment. Patients without an appointment will usually be sent an invitation to make another appointment when it is due.

New Patients

New patient appointments are normally available, a waiting list may be operated in times of peak demand.


Patients requiring emergency treatment should contact the practice as soon as possible. When the practice is closed the answer phone instructions should be followed. An emergency appointment charge is applicable.

Missed Appointment Charges

Missed appointments waste clinical time and increase waiting times for other patients. A missed appointment charge is applicable for all missed appointments which are not notified in advance or are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Children (16 years or younger)

Child examinations (persons aged 16 or younger) are provided free of charge when they are accompanied by a full fee paying parent or guardian. Child treatments and unaccompanied exams are charged at a fixed rate per item of treatment. A monthly budgeting scheme at a reduced rate, is also available for children.

Special Needs

Patients with special needs should inform the practice at the time of booking. A stair lift is available within the building and a disabled parking space is situated directly outside the practice.